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Irrigation water rights are from Boulder Creek and the Mahala ditch.

Domestic water is from a natural spring.

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Heading 1


An easement is in place for access and utilities to the city of Donnelly. Distance is about 2,500 feet to the edge of town where sewer and roads are currently in place. road, permits and utility fees would need to be completed.

Wright 1603E10 2018 ROS-2.jpg

The property was split in 2019 into four 20’s as shown with each 20 having it’s own parcel number. This allows for each 20 acre parcel to have a house, guest house and hangar. The top parcel A would access off Wallace Lane and Parcel B, C and D would have a shared driveway agreement which has been approved and recorded. The airstrip easement runs north and south through the 4 parcels providing easy access to the runway. Power is nearby and septic would need to be approved and installed for parcel A, B and C. Parcel D has power and septic.

A 163 acre development parcel known as "The Glen" adjacent and contiguous to my property was currently on the market last year with an asking price of $9,900,000.

This is a view from the west of "The Glen" land showing my property in the background. The cream colored structure to the right of the center tree line is the 40 X 40 foot hangar. 

New apartments in Donnelly, about 1/2 away, were completed last year to accommodate the needs of the growing community and housing shortage. 

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